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Customs Notices 

Public Notice: NOTICE TO REFUSE ENTRY effective 16 March 2020   

As of and effective from 16th March the Cook Islands government has put in place “A temporary ban on all cruise ships, pleasure crafts and yachts entering Cook Islands waters. At this stage the ban will run through to 30 June 2020, subject to weekly review.

Immigration related queries regarding this release can be directed to Senior Immigration Officer Paul Taputu-Crombie on 29 347 or  Updates relating to international travel restrictions will also be posted to MFAI facebook page at


Te Marae Ora Cook Islands Ministry of Health have defined self-isolation as a precautionary measure to protect those around you – your family, friends, colleagues – from possibly contracting COVID-19.  It involves staying at home essentially and limiting contract with people other than family members/companions you travelled with.  Avoiding visitors to your home, though it is okay for friends, family or delivery drivers to drop off food supplies.  For further clarification or health-related concerns, visit or contact healthline on 29 667.  See also Te Marae Ora – Ministry of Health facebook page for updates at

Meitaki Maata

Public Notice: CUSTOMS SYSTEM TEMPORARILY OFFLINE effective 28 February 2020   

Public Notice
This is a message for all users of the Customs Electronic Clearance System (CUSMOD). Please be advised that due to the relocation of the Customs office CUSMOD will be offline from 3 pm this Friday, 28 February 2020. CUSMOD will be back online before the following Monday, 2 March 2020.

If you have any queries Walter Tangata (Senior Customs Officer) can be contacted by phone on 29365 or 55488. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tuatua Akakite
E Tuatua akakite teia kite katoatoa e ta angaanga nei I te porokaramu CUSMOD.
Ka tamate iatu te reira I teia Varaire ra 28 o Peperuare 2020, mei te ora 3 I te aiai no te tekeanga ki roto I te Opati ou no Te Mana Arai o te Kuki Airani. Te irinaki anga ka angaanga akaou te reira a te Monite ra 2 o Mati 2020.

Ko tei anoano I te uiui marama no runga I teia tuatua akakite, taniuniu atu I te tama akatere Walter Tangata I runga I te numero 29365 me kore numero apaipai 55488.

Akakoromaki mai no teai au tauianga.

Meitaki Maata

Public Notice: ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTIES NOTICE effective February 2020   

Attention all declarants;
Due to a large number of recurring entry errors being observed and managed by Customs, with effect Monday 3rd February 2020, the Cook Islands Customs Service intends to commence imposing Administrative Penalties pursuant to section 160 of the Customs Revenue and Border Protection Act 2012.

Administrative Penalties will apply to every entry (or amendment to entry) required under this Act and includes every supporting document or declaration required to be made or produced by every person making the entry.

An Administrative penalty will apply when:

1. an amount of duty payable under the Act has not (or will not) been paid or declared for payment
2. the entry is otherwise materially incorrect

Notice of such a penalty will be given in writing to the person who made the entry. That person has 20 working days from the notice date, to satisfy the Comptroller that the person is entitled to be exempted from such a penalty.

The penalties that will apply and as stated in the Act are:

1. Where an amount of duty payable under the Act has not (or will not) been paid or declared for payment, the penalty is $100.00 or an amount equal to 20% of the duty unpaid or not declared up to a maximum of $5000.00
2. Where the entry is otherwise materially incorrect, the penalty is $100.00 for each entry.

Examples of errors which will attract Administrative Penalties include (but are not limited to):

Error $100 or 20% of the duty $100.00
Goods shown on invoice but not included on the entry Yes  
Incorrect concession used Yes  
Freight not included in calculations Yes  
Incorrect Importer details   Yes
Incorrect exchange rate or currency used   Yes
Substantially incorrect tariff item used   Yes
Incorrect value used Yes  
Incorrect shipping details used   Yes




Public Notice: PACER PLUS Trade Agreement Rules of Origin and Legislation Public Consultation 2019

Kia Orana, Cook Islands Customs Service under the Revenue Management Division - MFEM is holding a 1 day Public Consultation on PACER PLUS ROO and Legislation.

The Consultation is aimed to familiarize all interested parties, such as importers, exporters, brokers, freight forwarders and the private sectors;

·        Understanding the reasons for having Rules of Origin under the PACER PLUS Trade Agreement

·        Changes to Legislation in regards to PACER PLUS Rules of Origin once Cook Islands government ratifies PACER PLUS Trade Agreement

·        The impact that complex ROO may have on trade, business and government.

Background of the action: Stakeholders can better utilize and benefit from PACER Plus when they understand the ROO including how to access and undertake the necessary procedures.

In this regard, the Customs administrations as the administration of the ROO provisions must ensure that they and all the stakeholders are fully aware of their roles and procedures stipulated under PACER Plus. Furthermore, this consultation is aimed at creating awareness on the ROO to enable importers and exporters to benefit from opportunities provided by PACER Plus. This will involve the private sector, exporters, Importers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and other Government stakeholders. The consultation will be conducted by the ROO certified trainers and supported by the OCO Secretariat.


Dates: Wednesday 11th December 2019, Venue: Sinai Hall, Avarua CICC Time: 9am to 1pm

To confirm attendance please advise and for further information contact Maria Ioane via email       or phone 29365 ext. 8220


Meitaki Maata 



Public Notice: To all Customs Brokers and Commercial Clients

Please be advised as of 4th November 2019 we will not be accepting any Manual entries to all commercial entities. Entries is to be submitted electronically using either an in-house system or the Customs web portal.

If you have any enquiries regarding the above please contact the Customs team on 29365 or email

Meitaki Maata

Public Notice: Import Entry Process Change September 2019

The Cook Islands Customs Service under the Revenue Management Division (MFEM) is changing the way it manages commercial shipment clearances. The changes will ensure all commercial shipments are treated equally and entered into our risk management system. As a result this will provide enhanced security of the Cook Islands’ border. For more information, click on the link below.

Import Entry Process Change 2019


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