Movement of Goods

  • Permission is needed from Customs and Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) Biosecurity to move goods, and will only be granted where the movement is necessary to ease congestion.
  • If permission is granted by both agencies, and the movement is from the port to your general CCA, or general CCA-to-general CCA, you should use the same authorities as pre-COVID-19 to keep the goods under Customs control i.e. continuous collector’s permit, paperless clearance scheme.
  • If the movement you are seeking permission for is from the port or your general CCA to an area that is not licensed as a general CCA, you will need to simultaneously apply to Customs for a permit for the Temporary Removal of Goods from a Customs-controlled Area, in order for the goods to remain under Customs control.
  • This is generally a single use permit, and must only be used for the goods stated on the application. Customs will consider a issuing a multiple-use permit if the need can be substantiated
  • The granting of permission to move goods does not excuse anyone from the obligation to lodge an import entry within the required timeframe, and any concerns over the ability to make payment should be raised with our Client Services team at

All communications with Customs should be via