Household contents

You must clear all your household contents through Customs when they arrive in the country.

Household contents

Household contents

Clearing your items

Ask the company who is shipping your items to give you the documents you need. Some companies may also help you clear your items with us.

Shipping companies who help you lodge your clearance will charge an extra fee on top of any Customs charges.

If you’re only importing household or personal effects, you can clear them yourself with a customs agent or broker.

To get Customs clearance for your items, you must give us:

  • a completed CICS 060: Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration (DOC 543 KB)
  • any permits you need, eg:
    • permit to import firearms (CI Police)
    • CITES (Department of Conservation)
    • Medsafe (Ministry of Health)
  • your passport and/or evidence that you’re allowed to live in the Cooks
  • a full inventory of the items you’re bringing into the Cooks
  • the shipping arrival papers, eg Bill of Lading, Airway Bill or Arrival Advice.
  • Clearance from Ministry of Agriculture. *

* This will be completed by CI Customs, once all the required documents have been received.

You can then email all the documents to your nearest Customs Office.

If your items arrive in the Cooks before you do

If your items arrive in the Cooks before you do, you must authorise someone else to clear your items for you.

In addition to the documents listed above, they’ll need:

  • permission in writing from you
  • a photocopy of the head/biographical page of your passport.

If someone else clears your items for you, you might have to pay VAT and duties on the items.