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Video Competition

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management would like to invite Students of the Cook Islands to submit a short 3 – 5 minute video to our “50 years of Development” Video Competition.  
We would like to encourage our young people to contribute to the 5th Development Partners Meeting 2015 through a video competition being run within participating Schools throughout the Cook Islands, with the winner/winning video incorporated into the Opening Ceremony, and a separate side event showcasing competition entries.  

  • Theme: “50 years of development – what it was like 50 years ago, how far we have come and what will it be like 50 years from now”.
  • Entry: you can enter as groups or as individuals and there will only be the one category. Open to all school students or young people between the ages of 10 and 19 years, in the Cook Islands.
  • Deadline: 30th January 2015
  • Registering: Students are asked to register their interest so that we can do a follow up with them during the holidays due to the short time frames.
  • Editing: Post production editing will be available after submission
  • Judging: entries will be judged on content/concept and raw footage

To register for the video competition, just fill out one of the following registration forms and send through to

Registration Form for   Individuals

Registration Form for Groups

Registration Form for Schools

Cabinet Finalises the 2014/15 Budget

The Government put the final touches on the 2014/15 Budget which will see a small underlying budget surplus in 2014/15.  The Budget will be tabled when Parliament resumes in late October. Finance Minister Mark Brown was happy to report that Cabinet had presented to MFEM a fiscally responsible budget, which would remain in an underlying balance position in 2014/15. 
"We have now handed the budget back to MFEM who are now working on finalising the budget documentation with an aim for an end of October session of Parliament".  
“The resumption of Parliament will demonstrate that the CIP Government is moving on with the business of governing and delivering to the people of the Cook Islands, rather than talking about why it would be nice to be in power.   Over the next few days we will demonstrate what it means to be in Government.  The CIP Government prefers to be talking about what we are delivering to people in terms of health, education and investing in infrastructure.  We will let the opposition talk about themselves and what sort of coalition they might dream up.”
Minister Brown pointed out that he and other members of Cabinet and Caucus would be updating the community over the next few days on new initiatives in the lead-up to the presentation of his fifth budget to the Cook Islands Parliament.
“When Parliament sat after the elections, the CIP demonstrated clearly that it was a united force behind the Prime Minister.  Now, the united CIP team through the 2014/15 year will show to the people the returns that a united, stable and responsible government can deliver to the community.”
The 2014/15 Budget will see funding increases in key community service areas such as health and education.  The recent focus on infrastructure will continue and further funding will be made available for marketing in Tourism, and an increase in the local pension for those aged seventy will apply from 1 January 2014.
“We are a hard working government who has been focussed on delivering to our people.  I say, watch our walk and come along with us, don’t listen to the talk and speculation of others”

Changes to the Income Tax Act - Exempting New Zealand Superannuation to 31 December 2012

On 8 October 2014 the Cook Islands Parliament passed an amendment to the Income Tax Act 1997 which retrospectively exempts New Zealand Superannuation as assessable for income tax purposes up until 31 December 2012.
People in the Cook Islands who have been in receipt of the New Zealand Superannuation are now able to have their tax returns reassessed.  In situations where monies are owed to those individuals by the Crown, it can either be refunded or credited to meet future or outstanding tax obligations.
The Revenue Management Division will shortly be writing to its current list of people in the Cook Islands who are receipt of New Zealand Superannuation.
People in receipt of New Zealand Superannuation are still required to include their superannuation income received in 2013 in their 2013 tax return.  If a person is unable to pay their tax by the due date of 3 November 2014 then they should contact the Revenue Management Division at MFEM and enter into an arrangement.  
If you have any questions please contact officials in the Revenue Management Division at MFEM or call 29365.

The Acronym Fine Jar (AFJ)

 In the World of Development, acronyms are bandied about on a regular basis, often with no explanation to outsiders who don't know what they stand for.

In an effort to curb acronym use and ensure that our partners know what we are talking about, the Development Coordination Division have a "no acronyms during meetings policy"

This lovely jar sits in the middle of our meeting table and if anybody uses an acronym they are fined 20 cents.





Cook Islands Peer Review Report

The Cook Islands Peer Review Report was launched recently at the 10th Annual Forum Economic Ministers Meeting in the Solomon Islands.

The review looked at how the Government, development partners and other stakeholders plan, budget, deliver and monitor development programmes and services to the people of the Cook Islands.  


In summary, the final report outlines that the Cook Islands has sound macro-economic management, some of the best development statistics in the region and is well on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, but acknowledging the ever present vulnerability to external economic and environmental shocks. The report acknowledges the policy challenges facing the Cook Islands in working towards an inclusive economy that alleviates inequality and ensures participation and beneficiation of Cook Islanders. A particular point in the report was the continued concerns around outward migration of Cook Islanders.

To access the full Peer Review Report please click on the following link 

Cook Islands Peer Review Report Final



Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Internal Review 2014

The Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM) commissioned an assessment of the performance of governments’ Public Financial Management (PFM) systems. The Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessment methodology was utilised and the assessment was undertaken in May 2011.

To date, a total of five internal reviews have been conducted with one self-assessment undertaken by the International Monetary Fund Organisation. This review covers the period November 2013 through to April 2014. This is an update on the progress from the time of the self- assessment review which was carried out in November 2013.  

To download the full report by following the link below

Download here:



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