GCF Spotlight Interview - snippet

GCF Spotlight Interview with Ana Tiraa, Director of Climate Change Cook Islands

Spotlight Interview Ana Tiraa

07 JUN 2016

Share with us a game-changer programme that GCF could fund in the Cook Islands that would represent a paradigm shift?

Low-emission development is definitely a game-changer for the Cook Islands. Even though we have emissions, which are insignificant on a global scale, our actions can serve as a model for other countries. In this sense, islands are like laboratories—if the Cook Islands can have 100% renewable energy by 2020, which is a target we have set for ourselves, I see that as a great achievement. It shows the world that every country can take action to address climate change.

Converting to renewable energy is important for the Cook Islands and many other small islands, and we are already seeing the positive impact it is having. Take Pukapuka—one of the remotest islands in the world. Today the island generates all of its energy needs from solar, providing residents with comforts they did not have. In the past, fuel was transported by ship from the main island to Pukapuka. Shortages were common because of late deliveries. With solar, the islanders have power 24/7. The benefits are immediate.

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