Financial Secretary Office News

Financial Secretary Office News

Clarifying Issues Around Applicable Standards for Te Mato Vai

Recent press on quality assurance processes around the Te Mato Vai ring main construction has not captured the level of quality assurance processes which are being undertaken to ensure the quality of the ringmain pipeline.

The previous quality assurance process which was applied during the construction of the pipeline laid through the “Project City” project involved only testing for water pressure.

As Mr Latu Kupa, project manager Te Mato Vai clarified in his letter to the Editor of the Cook Islands News, the laying of the pipeline for Te Mato Vai has undertaken a more stringent two stage testing process. The first stage being water pressure testing, to test for leaks in the pipes, the second test being peels tests to check the adhesiveness of the electro fusion welds that join the separate lengths of pipe.

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Cook Islands Telecommunication Principles

The Policy Framework and Intentions

Telecommunications are a key driver of economic and social development in what continues to be an increasingly fast moving knowledge intensive global environment. Telecommunication services today are akin to the old trade routes which opened up economic opportunities and transformed the global economic environment.

The sector requires dynamic and innovative participation, ensuring the sector delivers on the opportunities and potentials which are and will become available.

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MFEM Annual Report to the Public Service Commissioner for 2013-14

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) is a key institution of the Crown. It is a
pivotal agency in the public sector responsible for revenue collection, expenditure, economic policy
advice, collecting statistics and managing official development assistance (ODA) on behalf of the
The Ministry is one of the largest agencies (in terms of employee numbers) in the Cook Islands and it
covers a vast range of activities, due simply to its role as the manager of public monies. Ultimately
the Ministry’s achievements are not just of its own makings and efforts, to be successful the Ministry
needs to work closely with others, in 2013/14 many of its achievements are shared with others, such
as the implementation of the HRMIS/payroll with OPSC, rolling out the whole of government IT
network meeting with OPSC, managing the Te Mato Vai project with Infrastructure Cook Islands are
just examples.

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