Government Finance

Government Finance Statistics show the economic activities of government. The series is published annually and includes information on revenue & expenditure, by type & function.

Government Finance

Government Finance Statistics 2014-2017


Note:The following release of Cook Islands Government Finance Statistics is based on preliminary unaudited accounts and are subject to change, once the audited accounts becomes available. The tables are published on a fiscal year ending June 30.


Cook Islands GFS 2014-2017

Statement of operations:

The total revenue over the four year period was;

$149.6 million (2013/2014),

$172.1 million (2014/2015),

$174.4 million (2015/2016)

and $185.5 million in 2016/2017.


Taxation contributed more than fifty per cent, to total revenue, over the four years.

In the 2013/2014 fiscal year, compensation of employees contributed the largest to expenses however, the following three years. use of goods and services became the largest contributor to expenses.


Classification of Function of Government(COFOG);

Economic affairs proved to be the largest function of Government in the first three years,due to the very large contribution in Economic Affairs(n.e.c). A split in infrastructure spending and associated cost, at all government levels, could not be done due to the unaudited data hence, the large sum in Economic Affairs(n.e.c)


The large decrease in Economic Affairs in 2016/2017 is also due to preliminary data and is expected to change once revisions are made.

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