Country Programme - Call for Proposals


The Climate Change Cook Islands Office (CCCI), located in the Office of the Prime Minister, is issuing a first call for submissions of Concepts for climate related activities as projects or programs


Climate Change Cook Islands (CCCI) located in the Office of the Prime Minister in partnership with the Development Coordination Division (DCD) of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management and the Green Climate Fund is calling to all stakeholders to submit Concept Idea Notes on possible projects and programs under your own agency, organization, or institution. All Concepts need to be climate change related even if economic sector or social sector focused. The information outlined below assists to clarify if your ideas are suitable for climate financing.


  1. 1.What types of Concepts would be considered for funding under the GCF and other financial sources?

Please see the attached Pipeline of Thematic Areas that identify the areas or sectors where types of potential projects could be prepared, that may be funded by either the GCF or other funding support such as Bilateral Development Partners (such as New Zealand, Japan, Australia, EU), Multilateral Banks, (such as Asian Development Bank), UN agencies (such as UNDP and FAO), as well as Regional Organisations (such as SPREP and SPC), Private Sector sources, and others.

The 11 thematic areas for which CCCI in partnership with MFEM and the GCF forms the key pillars of the GCF supported Cook Islands Country Program.

  1. 2.Who can apply for such Concepts?

Any agency or entity with potential concepts or ideas that may be funded by the GCF or other financial sources should apply through use of the Concept Idea Note, which is attached to this email notice

  1. 3.What is the process after submission of a Concept Idea Note

All Concept Idea Notes will go through a two stage assessment process. The first stage is whether your Concept Idea is eligible for GCF  funding or another possible funding source. The second  stage is a more detailed assessment of your Concept Idea Note, by a technical advisory group established by MFEM and CCCI, that will decide on whether more information is required, as well as align your Concept Idea Note with Country priorities (such as the GCF thematic areas outlined above) as well as with MFEMs prioritization processes.

Note that some Concept Ideas may be assessed where further information is required, or others assessed as not being climate related, the sender agency is then informed of the 2nd stage assessment view.

  1. 4.How long does it take before an assessment answer is given?

All Concept Idea Notes will be assessed according to the 2 stage process outlined in 3 above. The first stage of assessment related to eligibility for climate financing by GCF or another source (see 1 above) will be completed within 5 business day of receipt of the submission. Progression to and through the 2nd stage assessment will be longer and the proponent (sender and organization) will be contacted after completion

  1. 5.Who will see the Concept Idea Notes after the first assessment?

After the first assessment, all Concept Ideas will be placed into a GCF Portfolio or a Non-GCF Portfolio. These Portfolios are then sent to MFEM to undertake the 2nd assessment and prioritization by a technical advisory at MFEM. Once the entire assessment process is completed, and agencies advised of the status of the Concept Idea Notes, those that portray significant positive impacts to mitigation and/or adaptation to climate change within our socio-economic development framework,  will then be sent to the GCF and all other financial sources (see 1. Above), for their consideration and interest to finance the activity beginning with developing the Concept Idea Note into a full proposal and eventually implementation. Most interested financial sources will want more information and details than what is covered in the Concept Idea Notes, but those agencies submitting the Concept Idea Notes will receive notice of that interest by February 2019.

  1. 6.Why February 2019?

During mid-February 2019 the Cook Island Government in partnership with the GCF is going to hold a 2 day Development and Resilience Investment Round-Table, where many financial institutions will be invited to participate and express their views on the Cook Islands Country Program which will include the Portfolio of Concept Idea Notes. Some financial institutions may express an interest and outline the need for further development and preparation of proposals in order to better understand the Concepts, while others may clearly identify their own priorities for financing and indicate their interest as well. Many may indicate interest particularly if those Concepts are also GCF fundable. The rationale of sending all Concept Idea Notes to all financial institutions and Development Partners is to canvass those views when they participate in the February 2019 Round-Table.

  1. 7.General Information 

Click here to download or view Concept Note  

Clike here to download of view Pipeline of Thematic Areas


Any enquiries please contact Wayne or Talissa at the CCCI Office at ph. 25494, or email us

All Concept Submissions are to be sent by email to:

This first call of Submissions will be followed by a second call for submissions on 1 October 2018

All Concept Idea Notes are to be submitted by no later than 26 October 2018.