Rarotonga Water Tank Subsidy

In April 2013, the Cook Islands Government approved the implementation of a 3 year Water Tank Subsidy Programme targeted at 2,000 eligible Rarotonga private dwelling. Through Parliament, a National Budget Approriation from FY2011/12 to FY2015/16 has a total funding of $3 million from the Asian Development Bank loan to the Government of the Cook Islands for its Economic Recovery & Support Programme. 

Water Tank Subsidy is for $1,500 for a 6,000 litre water prioritised for private occupied dwellings without an existing water tank. The potential new water tank owner's contribution is a minimum $500 direct payment to the nominated accredited supplier for standard water tank installation costs in accordance with this schemes accreditation requirements.

MFEM project management oversight is in collaboration with its private sector partners as accredited water tank suppliers/installers namely Cook Islands Building Supplies & CITC Hardware and with potential water tank owners in the consumer sector. Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) provided support to this Office in the mapping of priority zones aligned to ICI's Water Division public ring water mains data. In the second year of this programme, ICI provided support in the conduct of one of the two required field inspections to assist MFEM with determining application outcomes. Ministry of Internal Affairs is tasked with assisting in the assessment of hardship subsidies to inform MFEM of application outcomes in this categories.

Water Tank Subsidy Eligibility Criteria


1. As of 01 December 2015, priority now is only for processing over 800 applications received.

2. For applications received but yet to be approved, priority for approvals will be for Rarotonga private owner occupied dwellings, without water tank and are in the red zone areas marked on the map below.

3. Water tank subsidies will NOT be awarded for private dwellings where owners have installed tanks at their own costs before application to this scheme or who have existing water tanks at the time of application or inspection visit to determine application outcome.

HIGH RISK or RED ZONE AREAS are those identified by Infrastructure Cook Islands on the map below. These include private dwellings located on the inland side of the back road, private dwellings between the main road and back road including beachside areas marked in red. These red zones areas are marked as zone A1, B1. C1 and D1.

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Rarotonga Zones

Water Tank Subsidy Project Zone Map Final