Press Release - Factsheet Anti Corruption



Keep the Cook Islands Corruption-Free
The Cook Islands supports the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

That means we work to make sure that our country works in a way that is open, transparent and accountable.

What is corruption?
Corruption is intentionally misleading or harming someone else in order to gain a financial or other benefit or to avoid an obligation.

Types of corruption include:

  • Bribery - offering, giving, or receiving anything of value to improperly influence a decision or practice;
  • Fraud - misleading a party to obtain a financial or other benefit;
  • Coercive practice – impairing or harming (or threatening to) to improperly influence someone else;
  • Collusive practice – when two parties work together to achieve an improper purpose;
  • Theft, waste or improper use of assets related to government activity;
  • Conflicts of interest - a situation in which your interests could improperly influence official duties, responsibilities, or decisions;
  • Obstructive practices – like destroying evidence, making false statements, and threatening, harassing, or intimidating others;
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers or witnesses.

Why we want to be free of corruption?
There are many reasons to aim for zero corruption including:

  • Maintaining our international reputation so that we can access funds to help all Cook Islands people
  • Pride that we live in a country that values integrity and says no to corruption
  • Support for business owners so that they may establish and keep running their operations in a fair and legitimate environment

Say No to Corruption
Every person in the Cook Islands – at work, at home, in villages on all islands, can

  • Report incidents of corruption
  • Teach your children that corruption is unacceptable. Value integrity.
  • Refuse to pay or accept bribes. Rejecting illicit rewards for work done or to be done sends a strong message not only to those who would tempt to solicit favours, but also to those working with them.

More advice or information
The Cook Islands has an Anti Corruption Committee that promotes and strengthen measures to prevent and combat corruption in the Cook Islands. It is administered by the Crown Law Office.

If you have a concern about corruption, please go to the Head of agency involved or PERCA (Office of the Public Expenditure Review Committee and Audit) or the Ombudsman. Contact details are available on their websites or visit for more detail.