Proposed Drafting Instructions for Immigration Legislation and Regulations

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration is in its second week of Public Consultations on the proposed drafting Instructions for a new Immigration Bill and set of regulations.

Government recognizes that Immigration is a sensitive issue for Cook Islanders and non-Cook Islands residents alike”, said Kairangi Samuela Principal Immigration officer, and it is essential that we get as much feedback in this document to ensure it meets our needs as well as being robust for future proofing.”

Public meetings have been held in the Vaka Takitumu, Aitutaki and over the next week in Vaka Puaikura at the Calvary Hall and at the Sinai Hall on Thursday 29th November 2018.

Sector as well as individual meetings have also been held with the Are Ariki and Aronga Mana, various Government Ministries including Labour, Customs, Police and private sector. Consultations on the draft have been held over the last few months to come up with this document which has been made public and available on request.

“The majority of comments, as we expected, have been raised on the issue of Permanent residents and criteria, as well as the rules governing work permits”, said Samuela, “Aitutaki residents raised the possibility of those who live on the Outer Islands as priority for awarding of PR given their small population sizes and the positive effect this could have on their small economies”.

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View or download these documents:

Immigration Act Review (Proposed Regulations Consultations-October 2018

Immigration Act Review (Drafting Instructions-October 2018)

Short Presentation for Public Meetings

Summary of drafting instructions for Cook Islands Immigration Legislationand Regulations